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  • Tony McCaffrey

A Self-Evolving Alien

An alien can split apart at a cellular level to hide or eat. It does not need a circulatory, respiratory, or digestive system. When split apart, each cell manages its own energy needs. Further, it has a second DNA-type strand that stores its memories and re-assembly instructions. It needs to split apart everyday to "eat." The re-assembly instructions are purposefully "mutated" often as it attempts to make itself more fit for its environment in its thinking and physical abilities. Young aliens start out as a "blobby" unformed multicellular organism and mutate often to become an animal-like form as an adult. Each adult has a highly unique appearance as its path of mutations can be quite different from another adult.

SUBMITTED BY: Reapertalon1, the tag for a student of Dr. Tony McCaffrey. Contact:

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