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  • Tony McCaffrey

Alien DNA Found at Domestic Crime Scene

Police found alien DNA while investigating a murder in a Florida home. How do they know its alien? It is built with six bases, instead of the four bases that life on Earth has. Where did it come from? One theory is that it came from "space dust." Scientists estimate that somewhere between 5,000 and 15,000 tons of "space dust" land on Earth's surface every year. Some of it ends up as dust in our homes.

Tiny meteorites make it through the heat of entry into our atmosphere and become even tinier micrometeorites with the alien DNA protected inside. One or more of these DNA-carrying dust-sized rocks must have cracked open in the home making the alien DNA accessible to crime scene investigators. If this theory is correct, how did the alien DNA get to Earth's atmosphere in the first place? How far did it travel? These questions remain a mystery.

Another theory is that aliens actually visited the home of the murder and left their DNA behind. Perhaps, an alien really is the killer in this unsolved murder.

Article on space dust in our homes: Part of the dust accumulating in your house comes from outer space

SUBMITTED BY: Tony McCaffrey,

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