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  • Tony McCaffrey

Aliens Only Developed Fractal Geometry

An alien species never developed our geometry, which deals with shapes (straight lines and triangles) never found in nature. They are in tune with nature, its shapes and processes, and only developed fractal geometry. This helps explain why humans are so distant and seemingly antagonistic toward nature, not respecting and caring for it properly.

Euclid formalized our fascination with straight lines and other shapes never found in nature. Plato described a realm of forms, a reality which contained the perfect versions of shapes. We have only witnessed imperfect shapes. These thinkers helped codify humans' propensity to separate ourselves from nature, dominate it, and build in unnatural shapes such as squares, rectangles, and triangles. What if an alien species thought in a way that was more in harmony with nature? Their math and their buildings blended in with nature. Their care of nature was a deeply-ingrained habit in sync with their math and philosophy.

SUBMITTED BY: Tony McCaffrey, .


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