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  • Tony McCaffrey

Life's Precursors Fill Interstellar Space

Components of cell membranes (ethanolamine), also found in meteorites, have now been found in interstellar gas clouds. Given that amino acids and the precursors of ribonucleotides have already been. found, the current find adds to a wide variety of proto-life's parts exist in interstellar space.

Did these life-forming components find their way Earth through meteorites and contribute to life on Earth? Or, did some kind of protocells first form in interstellar space and then helped "seed" Earth?

Either way, life's precursors seem to be fairly common in the space between the stars. If these interstellar components contributed to life on Earth, then it follows that would have likely also facilitated life elsewhere--or, in many elsewheres.

Link to article First Evidence of Cell Membrane Molecules in Space

SUBMITTED BY: Tony McCaffrey,

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