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  • Tony McCaffrey

Making Chess More Challenging

No one wins a major chess tournament anymore. The top ten always draw with each other, which spurred the creation of new chess variants. Do you have any ideas for variations?

The Running Man (Speed Chess) - Who can win their rounds faster? Main skill that's needed: fast thinking

The Cube - Four players sit in a square that allows every player to challenge 2 players at once. So everyone plays with 2 different players. Main skill: coordination

Total Recall - Players do not see the board and need to play the game in their minds. The arbiter makes moves on the board so that the audience can see it and looks for potential illegal moves. Players are allowed to see the board for one minute every now and then. Main skill: memory

Trust or Bust - It's a duel type game where 4 players play in 2 teams. The catch is that you cannot communicate verbally with your partner. Some other cues are allowed but the arbiter decides when it is too much! Players on the same team make moves alternately. Main skill: team play

Chessmasters - Two teams consist of 5 to 8 people each. Only one player makes a move at a time. That player cannot communicate with the rest of the team at the point of making a move. The team can communicate with each other between moves. Team members take turns in making moves. The strategy is thus discussed live and no team member may skip their turn.

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