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  • Tony McCaffrey

New Force Acts as Top-Down Template

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

This new force explains Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and violations of the Cosmological Principle.

We are finding more and more cases in which the bottom-up forces (gravity, etc.) are insufficient to explain the structures that matter/energy molds into.

While all previous discovered forces pushed and pulled matter/energy from the bottom-up, a new force entices matter from the top-down to form structures of greater and greater size and complexity. This top-down force acts like a template for matter/energy inviting it to fit into forms at sizes that bottom-up forces cannot achieve on their own.

The evidence is indirect but comes from multiple avenues.

Dark Matter was first proposed to exist because spinning galaxies did not have enough mass to produce enough gravity to keep them from flying apart. Dark Matter was proposed to supply the needed gravity.

What if, instead, a top-down template holds these galaxies together analogous to the way a website template holds the pics and text together in a pleasantly structured way. Or, a Word document has pre-made templates for letters, bulleted lists, essays, tax forms, etc. Each template orders the information in a different way to form different visual pattern.

Dark Energy was proposed to explain accelerating expansion of the universe. Perhaps, a top-down force is literally luring the expansion in an attempt to fill a pre-determined template.

Cosmological Principle states that at the largest scales matter/energy should be evenly distributed across the universe. Yet, astronomers keep finding larger and larger structures that should not exist. The latest is called the Great Arc that spans 3.3 billion light years across, which means it spans about 1/15 of the observable universe. Statistically, there is a 0.0003% probability that it should exist when measured against how matter should be distributed at this scale.

Perhaps, the Great Arc is just filling a particular template, which acts as a top-down force to help structure matter/energy into this amazing large-scale form.

Thus far, scientists have not detected the templates themselves. They only detect matter/energy within a particular template. They are scampering for ways to measure templates directly.

In sum, sometimes the bottom-up forces we know of are sufficient to explain the forms that matter/energy undergoes. We are finding, however, more and more cases in which the bottom-up forces are insufficient to explain the structures that matter/energy molds into.

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