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  • Tony McCaffrey

Textures Underlie Particles and Fields

In 2085, the physicist, Varsha Deshpande, had a major breakthrough to rival that of quantum mechanics, General Relativity, and Special Relativity.

Textures were found to be more basic than particles or fields. Further, space-time was replaced by a more primitive construct called a Sheet.

However, as philosopher of science, Miriam Federico, wrote in 2090, "because science is basically metaphor, we are switching metaphors but ultimately we cannot ever get a perfect and complete description of reality. There is always an inevitable abyss between our descriptions of 'what is' and 'what is.' Descriptions and reality are fundamentally two different kinds of things. This conclusion does not lessen the spectacular achievements of Varsha Deshpande, however. It is just a fundamental limitation and not even the genius of Deshpande can get around it."

Herschel Garrison disagrees and argues that a description that predicts all the behavior of a system is a perfect description of that system. Deshpande's Texture and Sheet Theory has made significant improvements in describing behavior but has not yet matched all known behavior. The debate between Federico and Garrison is whether that is even possible.

References below.

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