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  • Tony McCaffrey

Torus-Shaped Planet Baffles Scientists

This planet's "days" are so strange with the outer part of the torus casting shadows on the inner part.

How did it form? A large asteroid must have hit the planet's center just at the right moment of the planet's formation.

The prime spot for a satellite or space station is in the exact center of mass of the torus, which contains a sphere of "outer space."

Specifically, the atmosphere of this planet is a larger torus, so there is a sphere of "outer space" in the exact center, which is called its "inner space." The shortest trip between two cities can often be across this "inner space" in the center of the torus.

Link to article Yes, A Donut-Shaped Planet is Technically Possible

The magnetic fields are so interesting, as shown below.

SUBMITTED BY: Tony McCaffrey,

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